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About Us

Operation Lighthouse is a coalition of faith-based organizations within the Shenango Valley working together to implement a holistic approach of engagement that responds to the growing substance abuse and mental health crisis that our children, youth, and adults face on a daily basis.


The Operation Lighthouse Project is based on four pillars of engagement: 1) Awareness & Call to Action; 2) Stakeholder Synergy & Mentoring; 3) Referrals & Treatments and; 4) Support & Celebrate Recovery 


Awareness & Call to Action: The Operation Lighthouse project targets over 500 families annually.

  • Adult Campus (Valley Baptist Church - Location): Hosts substance abuse forums, trainings & workshops, community outreach gatherings, and weekly support groups.



Stakeholder Synergy & Mentoring: Our key stakeholders are substance abuse and family counselors who are knowledgeable in responding to a family crisis caused by substance abuse and addictions.


The Coalition Table is composed of a group of faith-based agencies and community volunteers that make a year-long commitment to act, through relationship, as a team of life specialists, encouragers, and advocates called 1st Responders. Over the course of one year, the Coalition Table support group works together to set goals, foster accountability, and implement a plan to create change in the lives of others.


  • Small group planning sessions are held each month as a follow-up to each Coalition Table forum or planning meeting.

  • Professional Development opportunities are made available to all community stakeholders.

Referrals & Treatment: The monthly goal of Operation Lighthouse is a 30% referral rate after each community event, support group, and/or planning group. In addition to the referral rate, a 15% goal is established to identify those, who are receiving treatment or services after the referrals have been made.


As 1st Responders, Operation Lighthouse make referrals with the highest level of confidentiality to protect the fidelity of the coalition and the family. Referrals include treatment at local methadone clinics, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, behavioral health, counseling agencies and clergy to name a few.


Support & Celebrate Recovery: Each campus participating in this community initiative will commit to hosting support groups in addition to the Coalition Table framework.

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